1 July 2016

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I find I always have to write something on a steamed mirror.
~Elaine Dundy~

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Reading – Divine Guidance Spread

So, now this dear diary website may turn into my personal journey going deeper with tarot and oracle. Who knows? But right now, I do know, it is this… a reading.

Inquiry: Trying to decide on a decision on taking a Diagnostic Tarot class. The reason I’m having a hard time is I’ll be in en route to Maui for the week long training intensive. I’d like some clarity and guidance in making a choice.

Deck: Divine Guidance
Spread: Divine Guidance
It’s a five card spread. The first three go from right to left, 1, 2, 3. 4 is above 3. 5 is below 3.


1 represents where I am now, in my life, today…
Gratitude 14 – powerful energy that keeps my heart and mind open to the many blessings. Give thanks daily. Notice beauty and good flowing into my life. Tell those I love how grateful I am for them. In being with gratitude I become a bright light, even in the dark times.

reflection: yes! I can’t get enough of gratitude. I take time to reflect daily. I do it because it helps me notice what’s great and good!

2 represents what energy I am holding onto…
Receiving 21 – Energetically I’m being drawn to the loving people I need to move forward on my path and in life. These people offer both emotional and spiritual support—so I may see and feel my own value in the world. Remember I have an effect in their lives too. What I give is important but equally important to receive. This creates a beautiful energy exchange of growth and support for all.

reflection: hilarious! my word for the year is surrender and my intention was to take down another wall and fully receive so as I do my work on this it was a great reminder to cultivate the even exchange and remember my worth as well.

3 represents what spirit asks me to acknowledge…
Freedom 28 – it’s time to come out of my shell. My shell and wall protected me in the past, it is no longer needed. It’s time for true freedom. The world and my soul both need me to let my light and heart shine.

reflection: So true. I’ve felt a little stand still’ish. I keep wanted to put stuff out there yet I don’t. It’s not because I’m afraid however, it’s that I’ve been focused on Sammie’s senior year. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It can be both. An even exchange of energy. Balance.

4 represents what process to follow…
Balance 8 – life is about balance and this card is here to help create it… work and play, relationship and alone time, social time and quiet meditation, physical activity and rest, giving and receiving, feminine and masculine. Balancing these aspects will ground me so I can give to the world in a centered way.

reflection: ha, the last word of my reflection for the third card was balance. Yes, it’s great to raise my awareness in these areas and balance them out. Just had a healing session with Loretta at Reiki Oasis and it was all about tapping into both the masculine and feminine vs just the feminine.

5 represents the outcome to look forward to…
New Direction 27 – Energetically, life is ready to move in a new direction. Allow for this to happen. Have I noticed I’ve settled into a routine? It’s time to break free of the patterns. Be spontaneous. When I do, I open my energy to the possibilities of something new and revive my passion for living.

reflection: well, i’ve been doing oracle and tarot readings for free and paid. they have felt amazing, yet I’ve wanted more knowledge on them. Even in my private mentoring with Jennie she saw that I was thinking I could do it without cards but why, when I have so much fun with them and it feels lighter. I got the same message from Mariposa in Sedona. She actually had Toni and I draw a card at the end of our Journey to the Heart retreat. It was Oracle Cards. I’m cracking up right now!!

Good stuff. Good stuff.

My pendulum said yes. My body compass after this reading says yes. Now let’s see if I do it😉


Breathless Beauty

I noticed I haven’t been breathing lately. I’m holding my breath for something. Waiting. Wondering. But for what?

And then I stop and allow myself to just be. Catch my breath. Be with the beauty of the day. The moment. My surroundings.

In that moment, I’m not waiting or wondering. I’m present.

Now breathless, from the beauty I see everywhere.

Breathless beauty in nature…

Image  Image

Image  Image

Where do you see beauty?


Valentine’s Day 2014

As I woke, I wanted to share something lovely.

I was thinking about others on this day of love… My Soul Circle gals. My newsletter subscribers. My husband on the golf course. My kids. Especially my youngest, which I said some things in frustration to the night before. Some not so nice things. Damn this “being human” experience.

I was cranky, sad, and irritated.

Great, I thought. What a lovely list of emotions to be greeted by on Valentine’s Day.

Knowing it begins with self-love, I asked myself…

“What is the kindest thing I can do for myself, right now?”

I had received the message when journaling the day before to go to the beach each morning—meditate and journal.

My crankypants-self grumbled, yet the guidance from my prior days pages pulled me. So I packed up my journal, grabbed my rose quartz, and headed to the beach braless and au natural.


There was a heavy energy moving within me. Of course, I wanted to question it, what was it, urgh, ugh, seriously?!

Then I remembered my word for the year. Surrender. I took out my rose quartz and started adding natural items in the grass to create a mandala. I put in my head phones and listened to Jerry & Esther Hicks guided meditation on General Well-Being and then another on Relationships (both from Getting Into The Vortex Meditations). I felt myself soften. I began journaling and with 2/3 page of words… I had reconciled and honored what I was feeling. I noticed the gifts in the day, it was only 8:30 am. The gifts continued to show themselves through the morning, and I know they will continue, shall I choose to see them.

Still thinking of you, of others, I wanted to share the perfect Valentine’s Day quote. There are so many floating around on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then I remembered my word for the year, again… surrender. I let go of you, of others. Knowing you were all experiencing your sacred journey on this day, just as I am.

I will tell you this…

You are love.

You are loved.

A few of the things I’m grateful for today…

  • A quiet morning to be with myself and see the gifts. I so easily could have stayed cranky, irritated, and sad.
  • A sweet exchange with my 13 year old daughter that included, “I’m sorry.”
  • My husband is doing one of the things he absolutely loves… golfing. And today he gets to do it with his son and father.
  • Meditating in Maui.
  • Finishing Proof of Heaven with tears rolling down my cheeks as I finished the last page.
  • Being barefoot.
  • Smothering my oldest with hugs, kisses, and loves as this may be her last February visit to Maui for awhile, next year she’ll be at college.
  • Savoring my cup of coffee on the lanai.
  • Picking up my pen and journaling to find peace and clarity.
  • Surrendering to spirit, magic, and love.


“What is the kindest thing you can do for yourself, right now?”


Day 11 | Weepy Wednesday {#kickinit}

Today’s prompt:

Onions? Romance Novels? Tim Hortons Commercials?
What makes you weepy?

I’m not sure I weep. I am consider myself a full on crying machine.

I was voted most sensitive in high school.
(Remember the Show & Tell post? Painfully shy.)

That being said I learned very quickly to turn off my emotions.
I’d hold back tears so I wouldn’t look silly. I was so embarrassed.

In the last six years I’ve been on a journey of “coming home to myself” and embracing my feelings, me. And this feels so so good. Tears of sadness, beauty, anger, love – I welcome them all. One of my favorite poems is Rumi’s The Guest House.

So what makes me cry?
(side note: most of my tears are a response to beauty, love, and joy; feelings I sometimes don’t want to put words to, only feel)
Yes onions, but i love sautéing them and adding them to everything!
The Outsiders. Crying is an understatement. For some reason I completely LOSE it every single time I watch it.
All sorts of commercials. Please. Those writers are good!
Watching my kids… sing, play sports, experience firsts (even though their teenagers!). I get all verklempt.
Music. Some peoples voices, wait, maybe it’s the combo of the voice and the song. The words.

Grab a tissue. Here, I’ll share one of mine…

Oh, and then there’s My Wish For You by Rascall Flatts.
I sing this for my kids. End up in tears every time.
I love that I’m emotional. They love it about me too. Ohhhhh… mama’s crying!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What’s #kickinit?
31 Days of Old Skool Prompts with Shannon and Jamie Ridler…
31 Days of Sharing! 31 days of FUN!! 31 Days of Blog-Spiration!!


Day 10 | Show and Tell {#kickinit}

Today’s prompt:
Talk about old skool – we’re going all the way back to kindergarten!
Pick something you’d like to share with us and show and tell!

How fun is this?! I remember in kindergarten I felt like I never had anything cool to share. We didn’t have much money, just enough to make ends meet. Plus I was painfully shy, so standing up in front of class felt awkward and like a near death experience! (And I mean PAINFULLY shy.)

Now, here I am in my 40’s. Far from painfully shy but wanting to go back to the simpler ways of yesterday. Less things, more conversations. Less stuff, more moments. Less distraction, more presence.

So in sinking into the conversations, moments, and being present I find myself drawn to creativity. Using creative ways to tap into my soul self and connect to my inner wisdom. Here is one way I’m doing that, visioning!

I Am

I Am

This was a page I did while doing a visioning class in September. I was craving creativity! So the art of ripping out photos, cutting along edges, and glueing stuff brought me back to my creative self. I look forward to doing more of this in 2014!

Being surrounded by the empty pages, pictures, scissors, and glue was way too much fun…


I love letting the pictures pick me!

Grab a magazine and see what word or picture picks you!
You can even ask what it’s message is for you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What’s #kickinit?
31 Days of Old Skool Prompts with Shannon and Jamie Ridler…
31 Days of Sharing! 31 days of FUN!! 31 Days of Blog-Spiration!!


Day 9 | Favorite Movies {#kickinit}

Today’s prompt: Let’s share some of our favorite movies!

This one always throws me. I can never come up with favorite movies, songs, books. I’m so much of an in-the-moment person that my recall isn’t the best. This is why I love journaling and reflecting… it’s something I can go back and read with a fondness. Thanks to Netflix, I was able to look at my history of rated movies. So I indeed do have a few favorites!

Bread & Tulips

Bread & Tulips

Romantic Comedy and Comedy with some “drama” mixed in seem to sum up most of these…

Bread & Tulips
The Intouchables (LOVE!)
Dangerous Beauty
Little Miss Sunshine
Something’s Gotta Give
Family Stone
It’s Complicated
Eat Pray Love (yes, the book was better but I still enjoy the movie)
Letters to Juliet
The Holiday
Step Up
Untamed Heart
How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days
Crazy Stupid Love
Under the Tuscan Sun
When Harry Met Sally
Breakfast Club
About Last Night

A couple dramas…

The Fighter
The Outsiders

Love Story
Auntie Mame
Goodbye Girl

Plus a couple documentaries I love…

I Am

This was actually quite fun. Now I have some movies I want to watch! 

What’s a favorite of yours in this moment? 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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31 Days of Old Skool Prompts with Shannon and Jamie Ridler…
31 Days of Sharing! 31 days of FUN!! 31 Days of Blog-Spiration!!


Day 8 | Share Where You Blog! {#kickinit}

Today’s prompt: We hope you don’t mind if we invite ourselves over. We’d love to see where you blog!

Some days you’ll find me here, my home office…

Where I blog

But lately you’ll find me in my living room. I’ve been sick this first week of December so grabbed a few things and set up shop here, on the couch. I ended up liking it so much I’ve stayed (for now). It’s comfy, cozy, warm and inviting. I love the colors in this room; deep red, soft yellow, and warms browns. Plus the Christmas tree is up!

In fact, it’s inspired me to clean out my office… again! I’m in a “getting rid of stuff” phase… give me moments, people, and experiences any day over things (she says as she orders one more crystal set and another book – ha).

So here is where you’ll find me, stop by anytime, the door is always open.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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31 Days of Old Skool Prompts with Shannon and Jamie Ridler…
31 Days of Sharing! 31 days of FUN!! 31 Days of Blog-Spiration!!


Day 7 | One Sentence Saturday {#kickinit}

Today’s prompt: As best you can, capture your day in one sentence!


Today was lovely lights, lots of rest, and family coming and going.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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31 Days of Old Skool Prompts with Shannon and Jamie Ridler…
31 Days of Sharing! 31 days of FUN!! 31 Days of Blog-Spiration!!


Day 6 | Friday First – Share your first blog post {#kickinit}

Todays prompt:
Whether you’ve been blogging for 5 years or 5 days, share with us your first post. What inspired you to start, what have you’ve learned or how you’ve changed since then?

What inspired me to start was I began coach training. Seeing the inspiring blogs made me want to write. About what? I wasn’t sure. But I knew I wanted to blog. I remember reading things where I went, yes, I’m not the only one! I knew I had bits and pieces I could share that would do the same, connect with people. I believe our stories matter.

I used to censor myself a lot. Now I do my best to write from the heart and imagine it as a conversation with a friend.

One of the most fun things I’ve learned about myself and blogging… I like short pieces and I don’t apologize for my poor grammar or punctuation. I write how I speak. All over the place!

Oh my goodness. Share my first blog post???!! Actually, this one made me a bit sad because I changed platforms about 9 months after beginning in 2008. I wonder what that first post said? This is the first post I could find when from when I changed platforms in May 2009…

Hello World!
– I share I’m changing platforms

Gratitude x8 & Chase Your Dreams
– the first post about something (after announcing the platform change).

Wow, I surprised myself. I thought I might have been mortified. And if I was, it would have been great! I would have got a good laugh in.

Thanks Shannon & Jamie – this is so much fun!

What’s #kickinit?
31 Days of Old Skool Prompts with Shannon and Jamie Ridler…
we’re talking memes, pics and even a swap!!
31 Days of Sharing! 31 days of FUN!! 31 Days of Blog-Spiration!!


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